Company Background

Founded in 2004, Transcend International Resources Limited is headquartered in Hong Kong and started mining activities West Africa in the same year. Starting from 2010, Transcend with our profession team diversified its business into mining operations in Sierra Leone. With our company mission to create value and improve lives through sustainable and responsible mining, Transcend became a leading Mining Company in Sierra Leone.

Why Transcend

  • The issues of safety, environmental protection and quality are of paramount importance to Transcend and all aspects comply with the required national and international standards during conducts any mining activities.
  • Transcend operates in an open, honest and transparent manner in order to ensure a good working relationship with employees, local communities and the local government.

Our Team

  • A team of Geologist experts with the professional and global mining software “DataMine Studio”, develops a comprehensive mining plan in worldwide standard with the combination of scientific analysis and professional know-how.
  • Transcend employs 25 Chinese in technical and managerial roles, along with over 250 (previously unskilled) Sierra Leonean workers sourced from the local villages
  • The employment and transfer of skills and knowledge to the local workers, particularly the younger generation, helps Transcend to gain strong support within the host communities
  • Transcend enforces a strict, non-discriminatory hiring policy. Teams work in a harmonious working environment.